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Summer 2000 Movie Reviews

Everyone go see Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan. Yes, I know. I don't even like those types of movies, but I got to see the premier, and it rocked. Jackie Chan is very funny in this one, and his co-star is kinda cute, at least from a distance. Cowboys rule!

Don't miss seeing Gladiator with Russell Crowe. It is a terrific movie and you must see this one in a theater - Don't wait for the video release. There is not a dry moment in the entire movie. Beware, lots of guts and gore...decapitations, etc. But it is all very acceptable (as in Saving Private Ryan) for this movie is about "surviving hell," and it doesn't distract from the compelling story, the terrific performances, and the incredible cinematography. Not one for epic dramas, I was hesitant to pay to see this movie. But Gladiator is more Braveheart than Spartacus or The Fall of the Roman Empire. Don't miss this one!
I guarantee you'll enjoy it...Kathy Gray

Time Code (2000)

This is one of those movies that you regular folks never go see, thus causing it to disappear from the theatres tout de suite.

Time Code is Mike Figgis' "experimental" new film. The screen is divided into quadrants, each showing the view of one camera. Each camera began shooting at a certain time and each camera ceased shooting roughly 90 minutes later. There are no cuts. Each frame is a single, continuous, 90 minute shot. The dialogue was improvised around a rough framework.

The story is relatively simple, revolving around the events at a downtown film production company, but that's not important. What's special is the fact that the lack of cuts and the interaction of characters gives a greater sense that we're actually spying on real events. The camera movement through the building, outside, in a limo, down the street gives the illusion that we're watching real people, not a movie.

I really liked Time Code! I thought it would be confusing to watch 4 different screens, but after a while, your brain gets used to it.
The story was vapid, but the mise en scene was very detailed and wonderful. The 4 screens have no takes whatsoever, and they are all
filmed at the same time.

I REALLY liked Virgin Suicides by Sophia Coppola. Yes, she was horrible in the Godfather III, but her directorial debut movie is
wonderful. It was dramatic and funny. Also, the soundtrack and original score were great!

I'm waiting for my partners to show up so I'll put in my own 2 cents:

Mission Impossible 2. I liked it a lot. If you don't like movies where throughout the movie, you're going "That's BS!!!", then don't go see it though. This was John Woo (director) at his cheesiest. But I like John Woo, cheese or no cheese. His explosions and gunfights are enough for me.

Big Momma's House. Very funny. However, if you didn't like Blue Streak, don't see this one.

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Wow, this was an impressive movie, if you are into the action scene and/or you love cars. Lots of pimp rides, chases, explosions, and Nicolas Cage doing things with cars that God never intended for them to do, hehe. It was very entertaining and with a good cast - Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall... After talking with a bunch of people after the movie, it made everyone want to drive really really fast on the way home! Definently worth a trip to the theatre.

Shaun Dishman


Eh.. this movie is alright. I was slightly disappointed as this movie had a lot of potential. The only thing that saves this movie is Samuel Jackson, who could be casted as the Toxic Avenger and still do an Emmy award-winning performance.

Fight Club

All I have to say about this movie is, "Tyler Durden says 'Use soap.'"

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