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Summer 2000 Restauraunt Reviews

What restauraunts would you recommend in the Atlanta area?

Fratelli de Napoli.

This little place looks like a mob hit could go on here. It has family style dining at a resonable cost (about $10 per person). My personal favorite is Rigatoni ( I apoligize for the spelling) with Vodka Sauce.

Las Americas Mexican Grill
3652 Shallowford Rd NE

Looking for an authentic Mexican taqueria? If you speak just a little Spanish, here's your chance to practice. This restaurant is awesome! Reasonable prices, great food, Spanish music on the jukebox... This gringa also recommends the Texas-style margaritas.

The Vortex
In Little Five Points and Buckhead

They have the best burgers and you've got to try the onion rings. Its fairly priced too. You can eat for $10 including tip.


Boys and girls, get your butts over to Maggiano's. The best Italian in Atlanta. And not just pasta and calzone Italian, but the real deal. Very good stuff. Bring a lot of people and get the family style.
Last night we were there and it was magnificent. The best manicott of my life.

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