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Tyler Meehan

Hey everyone, my name's Tyler, and I'll be TAing for a bunch of you this semester. (pic coming...sooner or later...maybe...)

Now that I've gotten Captain Obvious away from my, my computer, let's do the interesting stuff. I've just recently transferred over from Computational Media to Computer Science, but it's all computer stuff, right? I've taken CS 1315, 1316 (hm, why does that one seem to stand out to me?), 1331, and am taking 1332 and 1050; three of those use Java, so fortunately I've been still been having practice at the language we'll be using. This is my first time TAing, though, so go easy on me please.

The Legend of Zelda series is the best series of games. Period. If you agree, then feel free to stop by for a chat about the subject; it's one of the few subjects about which I can carry on an intelligent conversation for any reasonable (or unreasonable, whichever the case may be) length of time. If you think otherwise...then that's your problem and I really don't care enough to argue with you. :P

Office Hours: Tuesday 11-Noon, and Tues/Thurs 5-6. Come if you want; I'll been sitting in the commons on my computer, so I'll have plenty to do if y'all decide to leave me alone.
Email: tmeehan3 [at] gatech [dot] edu. You should all know by now how to translate that...

And once again, do remember that I am to TAing as a Noob is to Halo. I thank you and your memory in advance.

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