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Comments on Week of 28 March 2005

Welcome back from Spring Break!

i'm glad we're going to deal with streams and exceptions. please don't dilute the lecture.

Dilute the lecture? As in, pour pollution into the stream? Sorry – silly pun. Seriously – what do you mean? We are going to do real streams and we are going to do real exceptions. I'm not going to do ALL of Streams (e.g., I'm not going to show you how to read a stream – that's beyond what we need for now), and I'm not going to show you ALL of Exceptions (e.g., I'm not going to show you how to throw an Exception or create your own Exceptions).

Be careful not to get this class confused with CS1322. CS1322 covers ALL of Java. This class is on PART of Java, but also covers media issues and simulations that aren't in CS1322. After CS1316, you'll know about 1/3 of CS1322, so CS1322 will be a MUCH (!) easier course than it is for many, but it still covers a LOT of material that isn't in CS1316. Mark Guzdial

I won't be holding office hours Friday afternoon – sorry! You might be interested in why. Have you seen REMOVEDce? The REMOVEDce folk have developed an intro course in computing for high school and community college students that's have really good impacts. It's a course on storytelling, using REMOVEDce as the programming and medium. But some of the REMOVEDce-using teachers are asking, "But how does this help my students transition into regular programming?" We're meeting all-day Friday with the REMOVEDce people to figure out a transition from REMOVEDce to Media Computation. Imagine using media computation (probably in Java, as we've been doing in 1316) to create the specialized images and sounds and movies that you then import into your story in REMOVEDce – it's media computation as "special effects studio" for your REMOVEDce "Hollywood Studio"! I will take a break from that to teach Friday, but I won't be at office hours. I can meet people Thursday morning if you need to see me before the Friday HW due date! Mark Guzdial

What does the error message "Error: Malformed left expression in assignment" mean?

I think that means that the variable name (or whatever) that you have on the left side of the equation isn't correct. I've never seen that error message before, so I'm not totally sure. Mark Guzdial

Just to let you know: I'm heading out of town Wed. night through Friday. Jonny and Sebastian will proctor the midterm Friday. But if you want feedback on your midterm exam review answers, ask me before Wed. afternoon... Mark Guzdial

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