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Comments on Week of 14 March 2005

Comments? Questions? Issues?

i have another question reguarding java GUI's. is there a way to have a textArea and text that is typed into that textArea can be manipulated with another language, such as perl? it seems as though text manipulation is easly done with perl but combining that with the GUI feature of java would be excellent.

Sure – you could write it out to a file and process it there. But really, Perl has few advantages over Java for text manipulation (or Python! Python is REALLY nice for text manipulation). Don't get hung up on the hype over the languages. Python and Jython are MUCH easier to build GUIs in than Java. People get hung up over specific languages. There is no "One True Language." Most languages can do most things; some things are better in some languages than others, but it's often relative to the programmer; and no language has the stranglehold on "Best for Doing X" Mark Guzdial

will the prequiz be posted before spring break?

Nope – during or the Monday after. Mark Guzdial

another question on embedding perl or python in java:

if you put python in to a java program to do some work on strings will it slow the program down? does the python compile with the java?

No, you can't really do that – compile python with Java. What you can do is use Jython (which we used in CS1315) with Java. In fact, JES is written in Jython – all the Swing GUI elements work just fine from Jython. There are parts of JES written in Java, e.g., the media libraries, the code for reading and writing the files, and the code for colorizing the syntax correctly. It all meshes together quite nicely. You can also embed Jython within Java – have a Java main() that calls the Jython interpreter on some code. See for more on issues like these. Mark Guzdial

Is there a prequiz for Quiz 3? If not, what should we focus on? Thanks!! :)

PreQuiz for 30March2005 Quiz

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