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Comments Area-Spring 2008

Please post any comments you have about the class...

I am considering starting this class

Can I take both 1331 and 1316 in one semester?
Hey, is it a good idea to take both 1316 and 1331 at the same time? 'Cause I want the benefit of both classes.

(Random question: what is prof Guzdial up to these days?? Anybody know?)
~former 1316-er

How do we find out who our grading TA is?

What is the date of Midterm 1? On the website it looks as though it is Friday Feb 8 but it a few weeks ago it stated it was Wed Feb 6.

What was the Average of the first exam?

When will make-up exams be taken? I need to know so that I can prioritize my studying? Thanks.

lol so funny i dont get these people? why would you wanna take 2 java classes at the same time.insane. Need mental advising i would say.

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