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TA Office Hours-Fall 2007

Free CS1316 tutoring is offered through the College of Computing.

Gregory Abowd – Current instructor
Joel Uthe – Head TA
Brian O'Connor – a TA
Student480 – TA
Student428 – TA
Ricardo Corrales – TA
Priyanka Mahalanabis – TA
Dawn Finney – I do not have official office hours but I am online at work Monday - Friday from 11am - 9pm (Eastern time). My AIM is thelatterhalf.

You are always welcome to visit ANY TA for help, not just the one who grades your stuff.

Not sure who has office hours when?

Look up a time below when you need help. See if a TA (or instructor) is available.
Note:TA office hours are normally held in the CoC Commons Area.

Joel Uthe will be also be holding office hours by appointment.
Brian's Office hours will be canceled on Tuesday, November 20th.

9:00Class Class Class
9:30Class Class Class
10:00Student480 Student480 Student480
10:30Student480 Student480 Student480
12:00 Brian O'Connor Brian O'Connor 
12:30 Brian O'Connor Brian O'Connor 
1:00 Joel Uthe   
1:30 Joel Uthe   
2:00Brian O'ConnorJoel UtheStudent428Student428 
2:30Brian O'ConnorJoel UtheStudent428Student428 
3:00RecitationPriyanka MahalanabisStudent428Priyanka Mahalanabis 
3:30RecitationPriyanka MahalanabisStudent428Priyanka Mahalanabis 
4:00RecitationPriyanka Mahalanabis Priyanka Mahalanabis 
4:30RecitationTA MeetingRicardo Corrales  
5:00RecitationTA MeetingRicardo Corrales  
5:30Recitation Ricardo CorralesRicardo Corrales 
6:00Recitation  Ricardo Corrales 
6:30Recitation  Ricardo Corrales