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Comments on Week of 7 March 2005

Week 9! We're more than halfway through!

How're we doin'?

DO let us know!!

Is there JAVA code to stop a nosebleed? Thanks.

What I like about CS1316 so far is that it's an appropriate difficulty level. It's a good follow-up to 1315, because I'm never entirely lost and eventually get all of it, but it's still a challenge at times. Usually a course is too easy or too hard, but this one seems good to me! :)

The teacher is the best thing about this class. He is really really good.

Also, I enjoy the lectures a lot. It is very informative and not as cut and dry as other classes.

I agree, the professor rocks!

1. learning java
2. not enough nuts and bolts about java code (too many pre-designed classes, not enough "live" programming)
3. having to design classes and methods from scratch
4. making main's for homeworks
5. 2004 Falcons season (who picked em to go to the championship, I mean really!)
6. explain the minutiae of java coding

Thanks – I do appreciate the criticisms as well as the compliments! Those help me figure out what to do this semester, and what to change in the future. Mark Guzdial

Comparing Strings

I promised to report how to compare strings. The method is compareTo. It's zero if the strings are equal; negative if the target is less than the input parameter; and positive if the target is greater than the input parameter.
> "abc".compareTo("def")
> "def".compareTo("abc")
> "abc".compareTo("abc")
> "fred".compareTo("wilma")

And please do keep posting answers to the survey questions! Mark Guzdial

What do you most want us to make sure we do in CS1316 before the end?

Make Disney cartoons!

I want to take a poll!

I haven't defined HW7 yet. I was planning to make it a modification of the simulations that you're going to see late next week (Wed. and Fri.). But it occurred to me that you might find it more interesting to build something with a user interface (like we're going to talk about today (Friday) and Monday.) Which would you prefer – to start building simulations, or to build a user interface? Please post your vote here (UI or Sim), and please sign your vote so that I get a sense of who wants what and who has voted and who hasn't voted yet. THANKS! Mark Guzdial

how do you create a one icon link, for say the desktop, to click on and bring up a GUI?

I vote for a UI! Student33

Either, really. :-) Student43

I don't know everything about how to make an executable ("a one icon link") with Java. It's possible to do – that's what JES and DrJava both are! I'll look into it. Mark Guzdial

i have another question reguarding java GUI's. is there a way to have a textArea and text that is typed into that textArea can be manipulated with another language, such as perl? it seems as though text manipulation is easly done with perl but combining that with the GUI feature of java would be excellent.

Sure – you could write it out to a file and process it there. But really, Perl has few advantages over Java for text manipulation (or Python! Python is REALLY nice for text manipulation). Don't get hung up on the hype over the languages. Python and Jython are MUCH easier to build GUIs than Java. Mark Guzdial

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