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FAQ 2.0

This is a general page for questions for about CS1316

What is the user name and password to edit on the coweb?

The user name is attach and the password is carmen. The pages require a user name and password to help prevent wiki-spam and other forms of abuse.

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Is CS1316 a prerequisite for CS1331?

CS1316 can be considered a helpful course for CS1331, but it is not a necessary prerequisite. It is possible to move directly to CS1331 without having taken CS1316 at all. If you feel that you would do better in a faster paced Java class please speak with an academic adviser.

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Are CS (Computer Science) majors required to take this class?

No, CS majors are not required to take CS1316.

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What sort of majors take this class?

In general, the class is composed mainly of ISYE (Industrial and Systems Engineering) and CM (Computational Media) majors. We also typically get some STAC (Science, Technology, and Culture) and INTA (International Affairs) majors and others who wished to take another CS course.

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I do not really like programming in Dr.Java. Can I pick a different programming environment?

The programming environment, or interactive development environment (IDE), you chose for doing your homeworks is entirely your decision. It is important to note, however, that the TAs and the instructor are only required to provided support in Dr. Java.

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What sort of preparation will I be provided for exams and the final exam?

In general practice, we usually provide practice questions based on topics from the exam or final. Previous practice items from past semesters are also available on the coweb. Students are encouraged to post answers and questions on the coweb so that the TAs and the instructor can make suggestions or give hints. Review sessions are typically held for exams but are subject to the availability of the TAs and demand from the students. If solutions are released, they are usually done so while going over it during review sessions.

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What are the exams like?

Possible question types include but are not limited to: multiple choice, true/false, short answer, coding, and code tracing. Topics tend to be cumulative. Coding questions are usually prefaced with example code whose parts may be used with your answer.

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If I start to feel like I am getting behind where can I go to get help?

You can go the office hours of any of the TAs or the instructors. If you feel that you may benefit more on a one-on-one setting, you could set up an appointment with the instructor or a TA. Free one-on-one tutoring for CS1316 is also offered through the College of Computing. Sometimes comprehensive review sessions are held based on demand from students and the availabilities of the TAs.

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I do not think I got a fair grade on an assignment. How do I dispute my grade?

You should not be afraid to argue your grades. We realize that we are human too and quite capable of making mistakes. Your grade should not suffer for our mistakes.

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How long does it usually take to get an assignment back?

Usually there is about a one week turnover for all assignments. We ask you give TAs at least a week's time from the assignment submission date before you start inquiring about the progress of the grading. It is important to realize that your TAs are students as well.

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What are good emailing practices?

Good emailing practices for this course are:
  1. Include cs1316 in the subject line of the email and additional words briefly describing your issue. e.g. [cs1316] HW1 main method issues
  2. Always email from a gatech address. DO NOT use other emails such as gmail, hotmail, msn or aol.
  3. Be clear and succinct in your questions. DO NOT just email your TA your code and say "what is wrong with it?" TAs expect you to explain your issue in the email and not have to go searching for it.
These practices are designed to expedite the email answering process saving both you and your TA time.

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I emailed my TA and he/she never answered me! What do I do?

Usually there should be at maximum a 24 hour turnover rate on emails excluding weekends and holidays. However if you fail to follow good emailing practices, it will take longer for the TA to answer your email as it may (1) get lost in your TA's inbox, (2) be filtered as junk mail and placed into a junk mail folder, or (3) be filtered as junk mail and automatically deleted. Do not be afraid to email your TA again. If the question is urgent, see your TA during office hours or before or after recitation. You can also cc the professor and/or the head TA if you feel that your TA is just ignoring your emails. Formal complaints about individual TAs rate of email responses can be filed with the head TA or the professor.

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