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Gallery HW6: Animation with sound-Sp05

Send me your animation files, and I'll run your animation and capture it to a movie, then post it here.

Patricia's Movie

The movie is big (17Mb) – I had a hard time capturing it (using HyperCam 2, hence the "unregistered" tag in the corner) because of the size of the frame, so it's only at 5 frames per second instead of 10. PatriciaHW6.avi
First Frame:
Uploaded Image: PatriciaHW6.jpg

Maria's animation with pics from the game "Roof Rats"
Uploaded Image: mci hw6.jpg
mci hw6.avi 7.9 MB


The new standard in how to make a smooth-walking character...
Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/REMOVEDdsays.jpg)

Erin & Tessa's

Be sure to note the really cool clouds being added in!

Uploaded Image: TessaErin.jpg



Who will win?
Uploaded Image: frame0001.jpg

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