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Rectation Guide 1-Fall 2007

Recitation guide
Anybody do anything interesting this summer?

Welcome to CS1316 - Representing Structure and Behavior

Give them your Contact Info and your tentative TA Office Hours. Tell them to include cs1316 in subject. I know that it helps me filter my email a lot.

Remind them that they can visit any TA. Each TA has 3 office hours per week including me (the head TA) and professor Abowd

Introduction to the coweb

They will need to do some setup for Dr. Java (the IDE that the class will be using). Instructions are off of the READ ME FIRST page.

There is a HW0 ( It is very easy and just to make sure Dr. Java is set up correctly. It doesn't need to be turned in, but it is still required to check Dr. Java is setup correctly.

Answer any questions they may have and get some general comments on the course.

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