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Syllabus-Spring 2007

We know the slides are not attached. They may be uploaded shortly, however if you wish to view them please contact Joel Uthe

Week 1

Mon 8 Jan - Intro to Modeling START
Wed 10 Jan - Starting with Java and Media
Fri 12 Jan - Finishing Java and Media, and starting pictures.

Week 2

Mon 15 Jan- MLK Day (Don't come to school)
Wed 17 Jan - Manipulating Pictures in Java
Fri 19 Jan - Finishing Manipulating Pictures in Java. Using Turtles to Draw Pictures.

Week 3

Mon 22 Jan - More Turtles
Wed 24 Jan - Finish Turtles
Fri 26 Jan - Manipulating Sounds in Java: Making a collage

Week 4

Mon 29 Jan - Focusing on delete and insertAfter in Sounds (with arrays)
Wed 31 Jan - Structuring Music in Java
Fri 2 Feb - More Structuring Music in Java

Week 5

Mon 5 Feb - Lists in Music; Moving to Trees
Wed 7 Feb - Finishing Manipulating Music
Fri 9 Feb - MIDTERM #1

Week 6

Mon 12 Feb - Creating a List of Pictures
Wed 14 Feb - Classes for rendering scenes and animations.
Fri 16 Feb - More on linked lists of images.

Week 7

Mon 19 Feb - Classes for rendering scenes and animations.
Wed 21 Feb - Finish rendering scenes and animations.
Fri 23 Feb - Stepping back: Simple classes, subclasses and superclasses, toString and constructors.

Week 8

Mon 26 Feb - Creating lists of sounds. Finding and replacing sounds, recursively. Finding and replacing sounds, recursively.
Wed 28 Feb - More on lists of sounds. Debugging lists of sounds. Starting trees of sounds.
Fri 2 Mar - Starting Generalized Trees and Lists.

Week 9

Mon 5 Mar - Finishing generalizing Trees and Lists
Wed 7 Mar - An Abstract Data Type: Stack, and making reverse() faster.
Fri 9 Mar- MIDTERM #2

Week 10

Mon 12 Mar - User interfaces. It's all about lists and trees. Laying it out is about rendering.
Wed 14 Mar - Finishing GUIs
Fri 16 Mar - Lists that loop

Week 11


Week 12

Mon 26 Mar - Introduction to Simulations, continuous and discrete event.
Wed 28 Mar - UML and how the Simulation works
Fri 30 Mar - REMOVEDging variables in our simulations - exploring how Deer survive.

Week 13

Mon 2 Apr - - Defining a generalized agent and simulation class.
Wed 4 Apr - Making simulations with our generalized agent and simulation classes: Wolf and Deer, Political Agent, Disease Propagation
Fri 6 Apr - Creating new kinds of simulations

Week 14

Mon 9 Apr – Swapping agents for characters. FINALLY! We can make villagers and wildebeests.
Wed 11 Apr - Finishing swapping agents for characters. Running from the command line.
Fri 13 Apr - - Starting on discrete event simulation.

Week 15

Mon 16 Apr - Discrete event simulation. Not all time is our time. Resources and lining up our agents (queues).
Wed 18 Apr - Finish discrete simulations.
Fri 20 Apr - Binary Trees

Week 16

Mon 23 Apr: NO CLASS. Instead, you must attend one of the Extra Credit Lecture Opportunities. You may write an essay for extra credit.
Wed 25 Apr - Doing web manipulations in Java.
Fri 27 Apr - Capping off the class Representing Structure and Behavior. Final Exam Review EXTRA CREDIT ESSAYS DUE

Final's Week

Mon 30 Apr - 2:50-5:40pm - Final Exam

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