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TA Office Hours-Spring 2008

Free CS1316 tutoring is offered through the College of Computing.

Student912 – Current instructor
Brian O'Connor – a TA
Dawn Finney – Head TA
Joel Uthe – TA
Ricardo Corrales – TA
Victoria Au – TA
Sean Hussey – TA
Daniel Fuller – TA
Tyler Meehan – TA

You are always welcome to visit ANY TA for help, not just the one who grades your stuff.

Not sure who has office hours when?

Look up a time below when you need help. See if a TA (or instructor) is available.
Note:TA office hours are normally held in the CoC Commons Area.

10:00Lecture LectureStudent910Lecture
10:30Lecture LectureStudent910Lecture
11:00Joel UtheTyler MeehanDaniel Fuller Daniel Fuller
11:30Joel UtheTyler MeehanDaniel Fuller Daniel Fuller
12:00Sean HusseyBrian O'ConnorSean HusseyBrian O'ConnorSean Hussey
12:30Sean HusseyBrian O'ConnorSean HusseyBrian O'ConnorSean Hussey
1:00Joel UtheBrian O'ConnorJoel UtheBrian O'ConnorStudent910
1:30Joel Uthe Joel Uthe Student910
2:00Victoria Au Daniel Fuller  
2:30Victoria Au Daniel Fuller  
3:00Victoria Au  Victoria AuStudent910
3:30Victoria AuStudent912Student912Victoria AuStudent910
5:00RecitationTyler MeehanTA MeetingTyler Meehan 
5:30RecitationTyler MeehanTA MeetingTyler Meehan 
6:00RecitationRicardo Corrales Ricardo Corrales 
6:30RecitationRicardo Corrales Ricardo Corrales 
7:00RecitationRicardo Corrales Ricardo Corrales 

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