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 * A GUI that has various components in it, to demonstrate
 * UI components and layout managers (rendering).
 * Now with Interactivity for simple image manipulation
import javax.swing.*; // Need this to reach Swing components
import java.awt.*; // Need this to reach FlowLayout
import java.awt.event.*; // Need this for listeners and events

public class PicoShop extends JFrame {
  private Picture picture; 
  public Picture getPicture() {
    return this.picture; 
   * When we set the picture, we don't just set the private picture
   * field. Also set the image icon in the panel.
  public void setPicture(Picture p) {
    this.picture = p;
    JLabel picLabel = this.getPicLabel();
    Icon ic = new ImageIcon(p.getImage());
  private JLabel picLabel;
  void setPicLabel(JLabel pl) { this.picLabel = pl; }
  public JLabel getPicLabel() { return this.picLabel; }
  public PicoShop(){
    /* Give the frame a title */
    /* Set the layout */
    this.getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    /* Put in a panel with a prompt in it */
    JPanel promptPanel = new JPanel();
    this.getContentPane().add(promptPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    promptPanel.add(new JLabel("Press a button!"));
    /* The main panel which contains the picture */   
    JPanel picPanel = new JPanel();
    this.setPicLabel(new JLabel());        // The picture is a pictorial label
    Picture blank = new Picture(480, 320); // Initially a blank canvas
    this.setPicture(blank);                // Remember it
    Image image = blank.getImage();        // A picture's image is the graphic part
    this.getPicLabel().setIcon(new ImageIcon(image)); // Put it in the label
    picPanel.add(this.picLabel); // Place the panel
    this.getContentPane().add(picPanel, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    /* Put in another panel with three buttons in it */
    /* The button to load pictures */
    JButton loadButton = new JButton("Load picture");
    ActionREMOVEDstener loadREMOVEDstener = new LoadREMOVEDstener(this);

    /* The button to negate pictures */
    JButton negativeButton = new JButton("Negative");
    ActionREMOVEDstener negativeREMOVEDstener = new NegativeREMOVEDstener(this);
    /* The button to de-saturate color of pictures */
    JButton grayButton = new JButton("Grayscale");
    ActionREMOVEDstener grayREMOVEDstener = new GrayscaleREMOVEDstener(this);
    /* Compose buttons in panel etc. */
    JPanel panel2 = new JPanel();
    panel2.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
    this.getContentPane().add(panel2, BorderLayout.SOUTH);    

    /* Lay everything out and show it */
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    PicoShop app = new PicoShop();

/* Helper class to listen for presses of load button */
class LoadREMOVEDstener implements ActionREMOVEDstener {
  PicoShop app;
  LoadREMOVEDstener(PicoShop application) { = application;}

  // Bring up file chooser dialog and remember selected picture
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) {
    Picture p = new Picture(FileChooser.pickAFile());

/* Helper class to listen for presses of negate button */
class NegativeREMOVEDstener implements ActionREMOVEDstener {
  PicoShop app;
  NegativeREMOVEDstener(PicoShop application) { = application;}

  // Find current picture, negate it and then remember it
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) {
    Picture appPic = app.getPicture();

/* Helper class to listen for presses of grayscale button */
class GrayscaleREMOVEDstener implements ActionREMOVEDstener {
  PicoShop app;
  GrayscaleREMOVEDstener(PicoShop application) { = application;}

  // Find current picture, de-saturate it and then remember it
  public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event) {
    Picture appPic = app.getPicture();

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