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Pairs Grading TA-Summer 2007

If you do not see your name you did not post your pair to the Pairs REMOVED. If you did post your pair and do not see your name please contact Dawn Finney.

Kristin Caldwell

  1. Ronnie Donaldson(Rory) and Melanie Rosher(Kristin)
  2. Jared Sears (Kristin) and Valerie Butler (Kristin)
  3. Ryan Payne (Kristin) and Laura Epps (Kristin)
  4. Patrick Eisenmann (Kristin) and Meghan Martinez (Kristin)
  5. Taylor Virgil (Kristin) and Patricio Bichara (Kristin)
  6. Levi Kafka (Kristin) and Brittany Barnes (Kristin)
  7. Thomas Anton (Kristin) and Brandon Montgomery (Kristin)
  8. Tyler Buran (Kristen) and Ariz Himani (Rory)
  9. Janae Holmes (Rory) and Adhiti Narayan (Kristin)

Rory Murray

  1. Julia Barry (Rory) and Christine Keys (Kristin)
  2. Jennifer Morton (Rory) and Kristi Champion (Rory)
  3. Mary Lane (Rory) and Robert Allen (Rory)
  4. Lawrence Li (Rory) and Todd Fennimore (Rory)
  5. Abhishek Agarwal (Rory) and Kyle Verzello (Rory)
  6. Shin Ae Kim (Rory) and Nancy Park (Kristin)
  7. Sammar Rajjoub (Kristin) and Erin Farrahar (Rory)
  8. Nicholas Brouillette (Kristin) and Eric Green(Rory)
  9. Martin Watkins (Rory) and Alex Johnston (Rory)

Dawn Finney

  1. Camille Bolden(Kristin)
  2. Francis Faustino (Rory)
  3. Soundarya Kedarnath

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