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Questions on HW7-Summer07

Ask Questions on homework 7 here. Please enclose code with <code> </code> tags.

Question: I have a problem. I cannot get the Shake button to work properly. It is as if when you press "Shake" the etchasketch board goes blank (like it works), but the very next move you make brings back whatever previous moves you have made to the etchasketch board. I can only get this to happen when the default number of pixels to travel is 1, otherwise the shake button doesn't work at all. I think that may have to do with the way Shake works. Shake works by getting the x & y pos from a arraylist of integers with them being the x & y positions of the pixel changed alternating each index. Shake, gets the size of the Arraylist, then iterates through changing the correct pixels. Also I was not sure if this was normal, but when you click on a color and make a move then click on another color and make a move, both moves become the last color picked.... Is that suppose to happen?

Question: How do you get the turtle to appear in the picture attached to the GUIIs attached to the GUI? I can make a blank picture attach to the GUI, but when I move my turtle, it comes up on a separate window.

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