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Announcements-Summer 2007

College of Computing computer security incident

Security issues in College of Computing have shut down 60+ accounts temporarily, which means that email is unavailable for most of these people. Please use the following email address for Colin Potts until further notice: pottscol at mindspring dot com. I will tell you when you can revert to using my primary cc email address. Colin Potts

Note Taker Announcement:

A student note taker is needed in this course to take notes for a student with a disability. The note taker will be paid a stipend for this assignment. Skills needed are the ability to take accurate, legible, and organized notes and a commitment to attend every lecture. If interested, please contact Sarah Endicott via office phone at 404-894-2563 or via email at as soon as possible. Be sure to indicate the Professor's name, time, day and course number in the subject line of the announcement.

My office hours on Tuesday (5/22) and Thursday (5/24) have been cancelled. Instead I will be having them from 10:30am -12:30pm on Friday in the CoC Commons. Sorry I keep having to move my hours this week. Dawn Finney.

QQ: Is T-square running at a snail's pace for others?

AA: Sorry, Thought this was the announcements page for general questions. Where should I post in the future?
I guess you post here...but I never check this page. We don't have enough questions to create a separate page. Post in the soapbox? Dawn Finney.

Rory's Wednesday Office Hours have been moved to Tuesday at least for next week.

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