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Additional Learning Resources

Here are some additional learning resources made by current and former TAs !

Spring 07

Debugging Work: by Derek Olejnik : The file you should try to fix. You should be able to fix all errors by following the error messages produced by Dr. Java : This is a possible solution for fixing the errors
JavaErrors.pdf : For those of you that want to go far in depth with java errors. This is a great reference.
TypicalErrorsReference.pdf : A quick reference guide to typical java errors and how to fix them

Summer 07

Traversing The REMOVEDked List part 1 [PDF] by Dawn Finney
Introduction to a form of linked list traversal with a case study an actual linked list traversal question.

Traversing The REMOVEDked List part 2 [PDF] by Dawn Finney
Another look at linked list traversal.

Spring 08

Iterating in Java: MATLAB and Python to Java Tutorial [PDF] by Dawn Finney
A look at iterations namely for loops and while loops in Java including a step by step iteration of a while loop and conversions from Java to MATLAB and Python. Practice problems are also provided.

Breaking the Problem Down: Problem Solving in Object Oriented Computer Science [PDF] by Dawn Finney
Introduction to two approaches to problem solving in computer science. Includes a problem and a step by step solution and also more practice problems.

Understanding complex method behaviors: a case study of weave [PDF] by Dawn Finney
A look at how to understand the behaviors of complex methods by testing representative cases.

Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces [PDF] by Student910 and edited by Dawn Finney
Introduction to various components of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) from buttons to ActionListeners.

Abstract Data Structures (ADTs): Stacks and Queues [PDF] by Dawn Finney
Brief discussion of Stacks and Queues.

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