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Final exam review Spring2007:Understanding inheritance

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Questions? Answers? Comments?

> Superhero batman = new Superhero(); would just work, no output?
> Superhero leo = new NinjaTurtle(0); would also work, no output
> leo.introduce(); —-> "I'm Leonardo"
> batman.introduce(); —-> "Hello. I am Batman. And I am weak"

When you create a method in a subclass that overrides a method from the superclass, how do you invoke the superclass method's behavior? What constraints are there for doing this in a constructor of a subclass?......

Wouldn't you just cast 'this' to the superclass? What are the constraints??

Question: So if you had 'public class Agent extends Turtle, and inside of that class there's a method like this:
public Agent (int x, int y, ModelDisplay modelDisplayer, Simulation thisSim) {
    // let the parent constructor handle it
..... is the parent constructor in this case the one inside of Turtle? and by using super, you're allowing the method inside of Turtle to handle it? or vice versa??|

Question: for the rewriting of the DrawableNode class question, since LLNode can do everything DrawableNode can, wouldn't you just need this?:
public class DrawableNode extends LLNode{

Understanding Inheritance
I got this answer for the line—- leo.introduce();
Hello. I am Leonardo. And I am strong.
Hello. I am Batman. And I am weak.

Is this correct?? Am I assuming correctly that the object leo will use the constructor in the NinjaTurtle class, but it will use the method introduce() from the Superhero class?

I think that leo.introduce() uses the introduce method from the ninja turtle class because of dynamic binding

Modifications made to DrawableNode class:

public class DrawableNode extends LLNode{
public DrawableNode(){

is that right? we have to take out the global variable, public DrawableNode next, too, correct?

For the inheritance you don't need the quotes (i think)
I'm Leonardo
Hello. I am Batman. And I am weak.

What constraints are there for doing this in a constructor of a subclass?...... Having the same constructor in the subclass, makes it basically the same thing as its superclass?? help!

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