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FinalExam Review Spring2007: Draw a Wolf Tree

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Questions? Answers? Comments?

take a look at this bitmap and let me know if it's right...

Uploaded Image: sceneRoot.JPG

I think wolves under wolfEntry are supposed to be a VBranch.
I also think there are 8 treenodes (bluescreennodes) under the HBranch of forest due to the for loop in
the code.

Also, don't forget the wolfretreat and hero MoveBranches; they are not under sceneroot but do exist
You probably also may want to consider that the BlueScreenNodes don't all contain the picture you referenced; some are scaled and flipped and whatnot; it'd be a good idea to mention that on the test
Make sure you put in the vhouses VBranch after house1, house2, and house3; it was not added as a child 'til after those, so it is the next of house3
Also, yes, there are 8 treenodes

hey I have a question do we have to represent separate the single tree of the hero and another for the wolfretreat?

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