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Pre-Quiz 2-Spring 2007 Questions

What are the answers for the true and false questions? we had little bit of confusion in the class. We said the first one is "true" and the second one is "false". Are these statements true?
A static method is a method that can be accessed through the class even if no instances of the class exist. So is that the answer or do we need to add more. if so what would that be?

Can anyone tell me the answer to the second part of the question for the static methods please.

A subclass extends a superclass right. REMOVEDke in our javasource, simplepicture is a superclass and picture, which extends simplepicture, is a subclass right?

Strings are easier to use and saves lot of time and that is the why we want to use them. is that correct?

when looking at subclasses and superclasses we think in terms of person n student. person is the superclass and the student is the subclass right. so if it is present in the superclass it can be used in subclass. but eventhough it is in the subclass it cannot override the things in the superclass.

NoSuchMethodException: constructor Person().. why am i getting this error? i complied the person method.

Static methods are easier to use because you don't have to use an instance of that class (FileChooser.pickAFile()) and sometimes its just akward as with pickAFile method.

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