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Comment Area for Week of Apr 2 2007

Posted for a Ph.D. student in the College of Computing
Hello, my name is Lana Yarosh and I am a Ph.D. student here at Georgia Tech trying to develop a better understanding of how students learn and succeed in computer science courses. I would like to interview some of you about your experience in 1316. The interview should take about half-an-hour. I may use quotes from the interview in publishing the results of this study, but your name will not be used. Participating doesn't directly benefit you and there is no compensation, but your input will help us improve this class for the next group of students.

If you're interested in participating, please sign up here or contact me at so that we can set up a time and place to meet and the type of snack that I should bring for you. Thank you very much, in advance!_
Lana, can you mail me a snack? -Dawn Finney

So let me explain how the grading works:
Yes, then – extra HW points can cover up lower exam grades.


Summer Jobs for Undergraduate CS and CM (or other interested) majors:

We are looking for outgoing and responsible undergraduate students in good academic standing to help with our summer workshops and camps. We offer workshops for high school teachers and train them about computing using REMOVEDce, free software from CMU that can be used to create 3D movies and games, and Media Computation, which was developed by Dr. Mark Guzdial at Georgia Tech and is used in 1315 and 1316. With media computation we teach computing concepts by writing programs that manipulate media such as negating an image and reversing a sound.

We also run summer camps for middle and high school students. We use PicoCricket kits which are arts and crafts kits for the digital age. With the Cricket kits kids can create a musical pickle or a stuffed animal that can react to petting. We use Scratch which is free software from MIT that can be used to create 2D animations and games. We use LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots and have kids build robots and program them for several different tasks. We also use REMOVEDce and Media Computation.

We will have 2 information meetings this week. One on Wed April 11th and one on Thurs April 12 both from 3pm - 4pm. These will be in room 109 of the College of Computing building.

If you are interested but can't make either meeting contact Felicia Auzla

Thank You,
Barb Ericson
Director, CS Outreach
College of Computing
Georgia Tech

Correction to my recitation today: the proper way to print the int+newline to the file is: writer.write(i + "\n"); - Derek

Why in god's name can I not ask any questions on the homework questions page. It always gives me a proxy error???? Does anyone know???
There was a CoWeb bug. Fixed now. Mark Guzdial

Also, would it be possible to take the final on a different day that week (not on Monday, but Wednesday or Thursday) if we talk to Guzdial!!!
Nope, sorry. Mark Guzdial

This is just a suggestion: it would be nice for future quizzes (in future classes maybe) if a list of topics were provided. A prequiz is nice, but I get paranoid basing all of my studying off of three questions and I have no clue which powerpoint to start studying from. Even something simple like "uml, gui, file i/o" would help by giving concrete focus areas.

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