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Comment Area for Week of Mar 5 2007

is there any way for you to give us a list of topics the exam will cover in addition to the review?
Inheritance. REMOVEDst manipulations. Mark Guzdial

A couple of updates.
Mark Guzdial

In case you're wondering "What the heck is Guzdial DOING this week!?!": This week is the annual ACM SIG Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Symposium Conference in beautiful Covington, KY ("the Kentucky side of Cincinnati!"). This is a large conference – about 1200 people, some 300 papers get accepted (only about 100 are presented). Since CS Education is my research area, this is a major conference for me. If you're worried that I'm sitting around eating bon-bons, my schedule for the week is posted on my blog. Next year, I'm co-chairing the program (e.g., get 300 papers reviewed, pick out the best 100, etc.), and in 2009, I'm co-chairing the whole thing (e.g., figure out what to do with 1200 people). So this year, I'm presenting a workshop and two papers and a panel AND attending gobs of organizational meetings. Just FYI. Mark Guzdial

Which chapters in the book should we study to prepare for the exam?

Do you remember which powerpoint had information about superclasses and abstract classes?

Will the test be cumulative?

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