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Comment Area for Week of Feb 12 2007

Where is everyone writing, that you're taking and putting at the top of the page?
I thought the first exam was a little long. I didn't have time to finish a question and didn't have time to check over my answers so I have realized I made a lot of stupid mistakes. But other than it being long I don't think it was too bad. The question I didn't finish wasn't hard, I just ran out of time.
To edit the top of the page, go to The exam average was in the upper 80's. I think that the length was appropriate, perhaps even a little too easy. Mark Guzdial
I did not think the exam was too long. I think having more questions is better because more material can be tested (so its more fair, & so you don't spend hours studying one topic when it turns out to not be on the exam) and with more questions there are more chances to get points.

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