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Comment Area for Week of Feb 5 2007

If we study the exam review and have a good mastery over that material, will we be fine on the midterm? (or do we need to study everything up until the test, like sounds, link lists, etc?)
If you rock on the exam review, you can expect an A on the midterm – that's my personal prediction. (And I wrote the midterm, so I do have some inside information on this :-) REMOVEDked lists and MIDI will NOT be on the first midterm. Mark Guzdial
Looking at the Midterm Review I have a couple of questions.

from part (b), Problem 7 (Understanding Java Types):
I cannot clearly say why the first expression will not work. Is it because you are not allowed to declare a new variable while calling a void method?

from part(c), Problem 7 (Understanding Java Types):
I believe that you should declare the method void because there is no data to return. I am not sure however if the method should be static. If the method is static then is does not require any instances? What is an instance exactly?

from part(d), Problem 7 (Understanding Java Types):
Does this question deal with inheritance from Picture? I'm not sure what the question is asking. When you ask "and still compile?" are you asking if we will be free of errors if we attempt to compile?
Ask your questions ON those pages, please. That's the point of the pages. Mark Guzdial
Why do you call it a midterm?

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