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Gallery HW6: Animation with sound-Spring07

Did you make an amazing movie with sound? Show us, please!
(You can record it using HyperCam on Windows, or Snapz Pro on Mac OS X)

Or if you want to mail it to me, I'll record it and post it here. Mark Guzdial

Uploaded Image: JoustAnimation.jpg

Sara and Chris'

Have you played Joust lately? Better watch your eggs.......

~Student541 & Christopher Wiggins
WOW! Great job, Sara and Christopher! Mark Guzdial

Uploaded Image: 06 Animation Runner.JPG
06 Animation Runner.avi


Uploaded Image: animationHmwk6.JPG
Allam Garcia & Alejandro Leyva
Uploaded Image: frame0012.jpg
(Warning! Big File, but good music)

Uploaded Image: JenniferLauren.jpg

Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/DarshiniREMOVED.jpg)
Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/
Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/DarshiniREMOVED.avi)

Uploaded Image: StephanieJoshua.jpg

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