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Announcements-Spring 2007

April 24 2007

April 08 2007

March 26 2007

HW7 Criteria-Spring 2007 is now posted.

March 25 2007

There has been a Homework 9 posted on the Homework page that will be an extra credit assignment. Joel Uthe

March 14 2007

TO BE COMPLETELY CLEAR: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PARTNER FOR HW6, YOU WILL LOSE 10 POINTS. Period. There have been lots of recitation sessions where you could go meet a partner. I'm certainly getting lots of email on this question, so there are lots of peole without partners. You must have a partner – and your code must represent each partner's work 50-50 and we must have a signed statement agreeing to that. We've been talking about this for weeks, it's been here on the CoWeb. No partner == one letter grade drop. Mark Guzdial

March 13 2007

Joel is canceling his office hours on Friday, March 16. Have a fun Spring Break!

Class is moved to Management 102 on Friday 10-11 am. The Architecture auditorium is going to be used for the memorial service for REMOVED Tom Galloway. Mark Guzdial

March 5 2007

A couple of updates.
Mark Guzdial

24 Feburary 2007Pre-quiz 2-Spring 2007posted

23 February 2007
Rory Murray: 
is going out of town Friday so I won't be having office hours this Friday.

16 February 2007

Mark Guzdialwon't be at office hours for the next four Friday's: Feb 16, 23, and March 2 and 9. Come see me in my office hours in TSRB 341 on Tuesday mornings for help (except Feb 20), or visit a TA.

6 Feb 2007

I will not be at office hours Friday 9 Feb. I'm running a meeting for the University System of Georgia Thursday and Friday.Mark Guzdial

I need to change my office hours this week because of a meeting. My office hours for the week of 2/5 will be Tuesday from 3-5pm and Wednesday from 6-7pm.

Quiz 1 has been scheduled for Friday Feb. 2. Sometime during the week before a prequiz will be released.
PreQuiz ->Pre-quiz 1-Spring 2007

Welcome to CS1316! Please check this space daily!

When you are posting code onto the coweb try to embed it in <code></code> tags. That way the stars on the commenting and other program functions don't mess up because of coweb formatting.

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