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TA Office Hours-Spring 2007

Other Contact Information

Mark Guzdial – Current instructor
Gregory Abowd – Past instructor
Dawn Finney – past TA
Joel Uthe – Head TA
Mark Shalda – TA
Brian O'Connor – TA
Derek Olejnik – TA
Ricardo Corrales – a TA
Sarah Tursell – a TA
Student480 – TA
Student487 – TA
Student428 – TA

You are always welcome to visit ANY TA for help, not just the one who grades your stuff.

Not sure who has office hours when?

Look up a time below when you need help. See if a TA (or instructor) is available. Then look up above for that TA's contact information.
Note:TA office hours are normally held in the CoC Commons Area.

10:00ClassMark Guzdial (TSRB)Class Class
10:30ClassMark Guzdial (TSRB)Class Class
11:00Student480 Student480 Mark Guzdial (SC)
11:30Student480 Student480 Mark Guzdial (SC)
12:00Student480 Student480Student428Mark Guzdial(SC)
12:30Joel Uthe  Student428Mark Guzdial(SC)
1:00Joel Uthe   Joel Uthe
1:30Joel Uthe   Joel Uthe
2:00   Mark ShaldaJoel Uthe
2:30   Mark Shalda 
3:00   Mark Shalda 
3:30Derek OlejnikSarah TursellBrian O'ConnorStudent487 Student428Student487
4:00Derek OlejnikSarah TursellBrian O'ConnorStudent487 Student428Student487
4:30Brian O'ConnorSarah TursellBrian O'ConnorStudent487 Student428Student487
5:00Brian O'ConnorRicardo CorralesDerek OlejnikRicardo CorralesDerek Olejnik
5:30Brian O'ConnorRicardo CorralesDerek OlejnikRicardo CorralesDerek Olejnik
6:00Mark ShaldaRicardo Corrales Ricardo Corrales 
6:30Mark Shalda    
7:00Mark Shalda Sarah Tursell  
7:30  Sarah Tursell  
8:00  Sarah Tursell  

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