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Who's Who-Spring 2007

Edit this page and create your own page by typing your name at the bottom, inside of asterisks. It will look like this *Mark Guzdial* which will create Mark Guzdial.

Mark Guzdial – Current Instructor
Gregory Abowd – Past instructor
Joel Uthe – Head TA
Mark Shalda – a TA
Brian O'Connor – a TA
Derek Olejnik – a TA
Ricardo Corrales – a TA
Sarah Tursell – a TA
Dawn Finney – former TA/ current ninja!
Kristin REMOVED – TA
Student487 – TA
Student428 – TA

Student477 - A student
Student533 - Student
Student566 - A student
Neal Parker- A Student
Student479-A student
Student481 - a Student
Student496 - Student
Student261 - Very Cool
Student482 -A student
Student483 - A Student
Student484 - A Student
Student486 - A Student
Student488 - A Student
Student485 - a student
Student489 - A Student
Student490 - A Student
Student491 - A Student
Student492 | student
Student493 - A Student
Taylor Arrowood - A Student
Student495 - A Student
Christopher Wiggins - A Student/Pirate
Student498 - A student
Student499 - A Student
Student500 - A student
Student501 - A Student
Student502 - A Student
Student503 - A Student
Student505 - A student
Student506 - A Student
Student507 - The Best Student in the Whole Wide World
Student517 - Better than Omar Ahmed
Student508 - Student
Student509 - A Student
Student510 - A Student
Student511 - Student
Student512 - A Student
Student513 - A Student
Student535 - The Student
Student516 - A Student
Student519 - A Student
Student520 - A Student
Student521 - A Student Extraordinaire
Student522 - A Student
Student524 - A Student
Student525- A Student
Student526 - A Student
Student527 - A Student
Student528 - A Student
Student532 - A Guatemalan
Student534 - Student
Student536 - Student
Student537 - Student
Student538 - A Student
Student539 - B Student
Student540 - A student in CS1316
Student541 – Student
Student546 - Student
Student542 - Student
Student543 - Ninjate
Student544 - An Interesting Student
Student545 - A Student
Daniel Riley - Student
Student548 - Student
Student549 - Studly Student
Student550 - A Student
Student571 - Student......and future ruler of the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!
Student588 - A student uncomparable in coolness. :P
Student603 - Student

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