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Homework Policy

For all assignments, you will submit the required files to T-Square. Make
sure to practice safe-submission and retrieve your submission after you
submit it to make sure all the files you thought you turned in were there.

To clarify the due time for assignments and how this will function with
T-Square. Programs are due at 7 pm on the due date. That is when your
code should be submitted and when we will expect it to be there.

There is a 5-hour grace period until midnight but it is simply that, a
grace period or bonus time. In case something goes wrong with turning
your program in right before 7, or if you forget to include a particular
file, if your power goes out, etc., then the grace period provides a
buffer for such problems.

But the grace period should not be counted on. For instance, if you are
turning in your program at one minute before midnight and something goes
wrong, we're sorry but that's too bad. The assignment should have been
submitted by 7pm. For that matter, if T-Square itself goes down from 7pm to
midnight, we will not be taking late programs. They should have been
submitted by 7.

A good safety net is to always submit your program by 7pm, and then if you
are fortunate enough to get more time and want to do more, then you
might get lucky and be able to turn a revision in later. But you should
not count on that.

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