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Syllabus-Summer 2006

Jun 25: Intro to modeling and starting with Java.
Jun 26: Manipulating Pictures in Java
Jun 27: Finish pictures start Turtles
Jun 28: End Turtles

July 3: Manipulating sounds, especially arrays
July 4: Structuring Music in Java
July 5: Using REMOVEDsts to Manipulate Music
July 6: From REMOVEDsts to Trees

July 10: Using REMOVEDsts with Pictures
July 11: Superclasses and subclasses with pictures
July 12: Going from REMOVEDsts to Trees with Pictures
July 13: Stepping back–making sense of classes and constructors

July 17: Recursive traversal of lists and trees (over sounds)
July 18: MIDTERM
July 19: Finishing up sound lists and trees
July 20: Generalized REMOVEDsts and Trees
Consider: If we get a whole lecture ahead at this point, we might do GUIs...

July 24: REMOVEDsts that loop: Circular REMOVEDsts. And stacks. And queues.
July 25: Starting Simulations
July 26: More Simulations
July 27: Starting a Simulation Package

July 31: More on Simulation Package
Aug 1: Swapping Agents for characters
Aug 2: Discrete Event Simulation


Aug 5 at Noon: FINAL PROJECT Due.

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