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Announcements-Summer 2006

Check this space regularly for announcements!

Katie, Dan, and Sarah: I'm changing my office hours. With Homeworks due Monday night, the worst possible time for office hours would be my planned Tuesday and Wednesday office hours. So, instead, I'll have office hours Thursday and Monday afternoons 1-2 pm at our house kitchen. I'll give you directions in class how to find it – it's 10 Worcester Place, but it's easiest to walk over from Sainsbury. I've got room around the kitchen table for several students to sit and work with me. Mark Guzdial

To run your code if you're running out of memory:

Here's what I added to WolfAttackMovie to make it work like this:
  public static void main(String[] args){
    FileChooser.setMediaPath("C:/Documents and Settings/Mark Guzdial/My Documents/cs1316/MediaSources/");
    WolfAttackMovie wam = new WolfAttackMovie();

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