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Comments on Week of 10 Jan 2005

First week – what do you think?

what do you hope to get out of 1316?

a thorough grip on java!

a thorough grip of my sanity... ... .

I'm sorry, but we can't provide that here. We may help those with too strong a grip on their sanity to loosen it slightly, however... :-) Mark Guzdial

Hopes = A.
Most scary = learning java syntax.
Looking forward to = hours of programming.

Looking forward to hours of programming? That's MUCH better than dreading hours of programming! :-) Mark Guzdial

BTW, I found that Chris was right. (You'll probably detect a pattern on this point. :-) You do NOT need a semi-colon after a closing curly-brace "}". My wife the Java Expert explained that you can think about it like English. In English, a sentence can end with "." or "!" or "?" In Java, a sentence (statement) can end with ";" or "}". It is NOT WRONG to have the semi-colon after the curly brace, and I might keep putting them in because it helps me to remember to always put them in, but they're strictly not necessary. Mark Guzdial

ANOTHER BTW: I do update the slides often. You may want to visit the "Attach" button on Syllabus occasionally, to see the date of the slides. You may find that I've fixed and re-uploaded new ones since you downloaded and printed them last. (I plan to make some more changes to today's slides yet.) I'm sorry about that, but as I'm going along and getting questions, I'm realizing that there are things that I need to make clearer or introduce sooner or differently. I'm trying to keep the slides updated as these things happen. Mark Guzdial

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