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Gallery HW2: Picture collage-Spring06

Did you make a cool collage? Please share it here! Use .write() to write it out, then upload it here.

Uploaded Image: gtg353iHW2.jpg

This took longer than expected... Anyways, the turtle supposedly finds its way out of a b&w maze, drawing the trail. But it only works if the exit is above and to the right of the turtle's starting position because I got tired. And the border at the bottom, well, it's the rest of the collage.

Uploaded Image: Collage.jpg
Woo-hoo!!! :):):)
That is stunning! Mark Guzdial

Uploaded Image: nabil-hw2.jpg
Uploaded Image: coolCollage.jpg
Uploaded Image: hw2.jpg
This was going to make an American flag out of flowers (to scale). But it is Friday...
Uploaded Image: dots.jpg
fun times... : )
Uploaded Image: picturecollage.jpg
Uploaded Image: duper.jpg

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