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Manabu Shimobe

Uploaded Image: me.jpg

Name: Manabu Shimobe
Major: Computer Science
Nationality: Japanese

I don't have a recitation, but I'm the head ta, and you can contact me with any problems you have.
(please include "CS1316" in the subject line, else it might get lost in the rest of email that I get)

Office Hours
MW 1:00-2:00pm in CoC Commons Area

I'm a fourth year CS major(specialize in Robotics and Systems).
Last year, I participated in the Regional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Series (played 4,8,10,10-2,11), Dragon Quest
Favorite Anime: Astro Boy, Full Metal Panic, Detective Conan (may not be broadcast in the US)
Favorite Sport: Swimming and Baseball

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