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Questions on HW1-Spring06

Questions about how to get started? Put 'em here!

I'm a little confused as to how to turn in Homework 1. Where do we send our code?
Turn it in at WebCT. All the homeworks are there – simply upload your turnin there. (The assignments are set up so that you can turn in multiple times.) Mark Guzdial

Also, are we just supposed to edit the file in the java-source directory? And with that, wouldn't we just be changing the while loops of one of the functions into a for loop? Or am I way off base? I guess missing class last friday wasn't such a good idea =/
Nope, you're totally on-base. Edit and create a new method. You're welcome to copy-paste from another method as a starting place. Yes, you must use a for loop. Turn it in via WebCT. C'est tout! Mark Guzdial

does combining two pre-existing methods count as a new method? example, theres a method to make the picture negative and a method to rotate the picture, but there's no method for negating and rotating

Only if you write a for loop in your new method. If you do the for loop to negate, and then call a method to rotate (or vice-versa), you're fine. Just as long as you write the for loop. Mark Guzdial

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