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Gallery HW4: Woven Music-Sp05

If you like the song you generated, and you'd like to share itwith others, please:
  1. Write out the MIDI file from the View
  2. Attach the file here.
(Sign your name, if you'd like! Take credit for your musical masterpiece!)

canon.MIDI. This is my masterpiece. -Student50

Wow! hang on..I have to go find my socks. They got knocked off there... Charlie, that's really amazing! Nice job! Mark Guzdial

MaggieMay.midi My not so masterpeice. lol. I haven't read music in years, but I think I have it down again. I got the notes from my room mates beginners guitar book, so it's only the very basic tune. The real song rocks! ~Student7
It's lovely, REMOVEDdsay! Thanks for posting it! Mark Guzdial

SwanMusic.midi Thank goodness for growing up in the orchestra. Can you guess which composer is behind this? Sorry but I only used a few melodic measures of the piece. And of course I had to weave and repeat some stuff in. I'll give you a cookie if you get it right. Student48

Just playing around with some measures from Carol of the Bells
carol.mid Student36
Thanks, Jamie and Jaron! These are really amazing! Thanks for posting! Mark Guzdial

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