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Announcements-Spring 2006

30 April 2006

EXTRA CREDIT! Go fill out the Final Survey now available in WebCT. You get 1 point on your Final Exam grade for EACH question answered, total possible 5 points. All answers are anonymous–WebCT just gives me a list of who did it, and a list of all answers. Mark Guzdial

27 March 2006

There's a new version of the coursenotes, with most of a chapter on continuous simulations at Course notes and other materials.

Midterm Exam 2 Review Sp2006 is now posted.

CoCaesars06.ppt – I'm going to be a dealer at this!

(FYI – What I did in Sweden)

14 March 2006

I'll be late to office hours on Friday (18 March)– probably get there around 2.

13 March 2006

Any interest in TAing for CS1316 or CS1315? The application is now online at Information sessions are tonight and on Tuesday March 28th–both in Room 017 of the College of Computing Bldg. Applications are due March 30th.

21 February 2006

I won't be having office hours tomorrow (22 Feb) or Fri (24 Feb), nor Wed (1 March) nor Friday (3 March). For both Friday's, feel free to bring your computers to class to ask for help – we'll end early on 24 Feb, and we'll devote most of 3 March to answering your questions about homework. Mark Guzdial

Don't forget that Friday 24 February is also a quiz!

12 February 2006

Midterm grades are up in WebCT. Average 86.2. 8 90-or-above, 6 in 80's, 3 in 70's, 1 less than 70. I graded the midterms, so come see me for regrades. Mark Guzdial

11 February 2006

Folks, the things you've done in 1315 and 1316 – collages, animations, music – would be terrific to show. Would you consider being part of this? Please contact David ASAP if you are! This is the first time we've involved undergrad students, and we're eager to show the participants what great work you're doing. It's a terrific opportunity for some important future contacts. Mark Guzdial
Tuesday, February 7
6 p.m.
TSRB 132-134

Interactivity @ GT, the February 17 student showcase, is just this week, and we already have a record number of industry attendees confirmed. I cannot urge you strongly enough to make the most of this opportunity to show off your work.

We have had this annual showcase for HCI and IDT graduate students since 2002 – I participated in the first two! – and many students have made connections that have led to internships and full-time jobs. Employers are coming this year with the same thing in mind for CM students.

The showcase leads to jobs. The jobs help build our the reputations of our programs and our students. Which lead to bigger showcases. Which lead to more jobs. You get the idea. :-)

Before you decide to stop reading this long e-mail, let me try to hold your attention with a partial list of confirmed attendees:
Ant Farm Interactive
Avenue A/Razorfish
Big Spaceship
Cingular Wireless
Cox Communications
Elemental Interactive
General Dynamics Viz (formerly Maya Viz)
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Macquarium Intelligent Communications
Pandemic Media
Rival Industries
Turner Broadcasting
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
User Insight
Walt Disney Imagineering
Yahoo Research
(more to come)

Any work you have done under the supervision of a CM, HCI, or IDT professor – as independent study, or as a group or individual class project – is a potential poster and/or demo. If you aren't sure about whether a particular project would be good for the showcase, ask the professor who supervised you.

I particularly encourage the CM students to demo something. Several companies are coming from the West Coast to attend the showcase for the first time, partly because of the growing reputation of CM, and we want them to come back next year. Don't think that your work has to be perfect. The industry attendees are coming to see talent and enthusiasm that are still growing.

Even if you don't have anything to demo, you can benefit by looking closely at the work and presentation skills of more senior students. And, as usual, we will have talks by several of our industry guests.

Oh, and breakfast at the undergraduate session. Lunch at the grad-student session.

One last note: We have a LOT of posters to print, and only two printers, so don't wait until the last minute to get started.

I'll be sending more messages over the weekend, so watch this space. :-)


David R. White
Academic Professional / Academic Programs Coordinator
Interactive and Intelligent Computing Division
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
337 Technology Square Research Building
85 Fifth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760 (mail), 30308 (courier)
Phone: (404) 385-7205
Fax: (404) 894-3146

23 January 2006


14 January 2006

I forgot some fixes to the files for java-source this semester.
  1. Please download this file:
  2. Unzip/expand it
  3. Put all the files in it into your java-source folder. (Go ahead and overwrite the files already there.)
Thanks! Mark Guzdial

Welcome to CS1316 for Spring 2006!

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