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Soapbox-Fall 2005

Feel free to edit this page! Whatever is at the bottom, after a "_" character, becomes the phrase in the soapbox ("Java thinking bubble").

Welcome to CS1316!
(This is "Java" the thinkin' and coffee-drinkin' bean)

I added instructions for setting up DrJava at the Course notes and other materials page. #4
Pictures are now up on Class Pictures-Fall 2005. Please add your name (and make your Who's Who-Fall 2005 page, too)!

Find Mark here during his Th/F office hours: Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/2ndfloor-sc-tiny.jpg)

Recitation on 9/12 will be reviewing Quiz #1 (grades going up in mere moments) and answer questions on HW2 (collage!)
HW1 grades are up #4

All the tables and chairs by here are full: Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/2ndfloor-sc-tiny.jpg)
So find me for office hours Friday just outside the cafeteria, near the balcony.

HW2 grades are up. If you don't have a grade, check your email. #4

Midterm Exam 1 Review Fall2005 is now available – midterm on Friday September 23
Note: In order to do HW3, you will have to perform one more set-up step with DrJava. See the revised Course notes and other materials page, step 9 (which wasn't there before). #4

Mark's office hours today (Friday 9/23) will be 2-3 pm. Same place: Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/2ndfloor-sc-tiny.jpg)

Midterm grades are now up! Average 85. Five 90-or-above. One 100.
HW3 is graded. Some of you did very well, others not so well. To the latter group of people, I would recommend attending lecture and recitation, as well as starting earlier. Click on your score in webct to see my comments. #4

Don't give up!

If you're feeling disenheartened by the midterm or HW3, or maybe you've just missed a lot of class lately (yes, we know who you are! :-), Friday's lecture will be a great one to get back into the swing of things. It's slower, no media (just text), simpler, and covers basics of Java. Using the notes, you can figure out most of HW4, and then jump back into it full-speed next week. Mark Guzdial|

Check out the music uploaded at Gallery HW4: Woven Music-Fall05.
(Still welcome to upload HW4 or HW5 music!)

HW4 and HW5 are graded! #4

Any cool tiling patterns to upload to Gallery HW5: Tiling pattern-Fall05?
There are Announcements

I will have office hours Wednesday if you need a hand with HW6! Mark Guzdial

DON'T MISS LECTURE TODAY OR MONDAY! Most of the lecture is live programming, so you can't get it from just the notes. That takes more time, so we'll start right on time, so don't be late! (Me either!) Mark Guzdial

Grades for HW6 are up! Also, there will be no recitation on Monday Oct 24th. Send me an email if you have questions and would like to set up an appointment with me. #4

Has anyone STARTED HW7 yet? Finished it? Let me know ASAP if you have, please. I'm tweaking the rules for the next three homeworks (see Pair Programming), and I want to know if it impacts anyone on HW7. Mark Guzdial

Folks, I just found that I've got two sick kids at home, so I'm leaving office hours now (2:10 pm), rather than 2:30. Sorry! Mark Guzdial

Recitation tonight is on GUI programming and pair programming.

Class this week starts Simulations!. Don't miss it!
New movies at: Gallery HW6: Animation with sound-Fall05

Heard any good jokes lately?
A cymbal and a snare drum fall off a cliff. [Rim shot]

I'll only be at office hours for a short while tomorrow (Friday) – I have a Dr.'s appt. near Northside at 2:30. Mark Guzdial

Bludge (Aust slang) 1. shirk responsibility or hard work; scrounge; impose on 2.
easy job or assignment; period of loafing.
Make sure you see Announcements
I will be holding office hours in the student center from 3-5PM on Tuesday, November 15th. #4 where? Same place as Mark does.

We're meeting at 7pm at starbucks and then moving to the management building when Krista gets out of her study session.

HOORAY! last homework!!
HOORAY! last exam review!! Final Exam Review Fall2005

END OF TERM SURVEY! Please complete the end of term survey on WebCT. Each completed survey question is worth 1 point each on your final exam grade! There are six questions, that's a total of six points added to your final exam score. Since the final is worth 25%, that's actually 1.5% on your FINAL course grade. Kinda worthwhile... Mark Guzdial

In case you were wondering: Yes, your survey is anonymous. WebCT just gives me a list of who did it or not, not who said what.

GOT MOVIES? If you have frames from your final movie or your emigration simulation, I'd love to turn it into a movie! Please send them to Mark Guzdial
Umm, just out of curiosity, are we not going to get out last homework grade before the final? I'd just kinda like to know exactly where I stand... Student161

All grades are posted, for final exam (in WebCT) and final grade (in Oscar). Have a great winter break! Happy Holidays!

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