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Gallery HW2: Picture collage-Sp05

Please share your Java-generated picture collages here.
Save it as a JPEG file then Attach it. (Remember: attach/carmen)

Uploaded Image: tn busterTile.jpg

Uploaded Image: tn busterMosaicSmall.jpg

same thing but added (int) (Math.random) to vary the size and position of the cropped tiles

Uploaded Image: javaflies.jpg
Butterfly pictures above a "coffee" table. Student34

Uploaded Image: ice.jpg
my cousin ice-climbing Student51

Uploaded Image: 0011.JPG
Rafael Furcal Student35

Uploaded Image: NiteWithPedro3.JPG

Uploaded Image: romano.collage.jpg
Not exactly my original vision, but it works! Student33

Uploaded Image: HW2cafeINbruge.jpg
Delicious cafe(coffee/espresso) in Bruge, Belgium. Student48

Uploaded Image: 597collage.jpg

Uploaded Image: tazmanian devil.jpg
My family's own tazmanian devil(original picture 'captured' with high speed camera)... we can only see her as a blur, currently. :-)–Student43

Uploaded Image: yukacollage.jpg

Uploaded Image: Lucy-Collage.jpg
The exact same picture and methods that I used for the CS1315 assignment. -Chris

Missing File (/cs1316/uploads/LindsayREMOVEDPicCol.jpg)
Winter Stars collage. I moved them over and darkened them. The original pic I drew in photoshop (I shrunk it by half so it wouldn't be too large) ~Lindsay

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