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Gallery HW1: First picture method-Sp05

Did you create something cool with your first picture method in Java? UPLOAD IT HERE!

Uploaded Image: white noise.jpg Uploaded Image: whitenoise1.jpg
This is a manipulation I wrote called whiteNoise(). –Student24

Uploaded Image: untitled.JPG Uploaded Image: knight-londontower.jpg
This is a vertical and horizontal mirroring combination. -Student50

Uploaded Image: DSC04593.JPG
Uploaded Image: copy DSC04593.jpg

Uploaded Image: youngjamieresult.jpg
I negated red, increased green, and increased blue. I don't know exactly how old I was when this photo was taken. Nevertheless, it is me, Student48

Uploaded Image: merryxmasgreg.jpg

A belated holiday greeting from my high school friend, Greg Leo. Greg says, "I love you all."

Uploaded Image: library.jpg Student51

These are SOOOO cool! Thanks for posting them! Keep 'em coming!!! Mark Guzdial

Uploaded Image: kitty.jpg
This is a picture of my kitty. I call it "Green Envy". haha. Student39

Uploaded Image: nailpolish.jpg Uploaded Image: nailpolish green.jpg
I call this... goGreen(). Kinda... Matrixish ;-) –Student43

Haha...I actually called my method "matrixize()" ;-) Student36
Uploaded Image: jaron.jpg Uploaded Image: jaron matrixized.jpg

heh... wicked. –Student43

Uploaded Image: logo butterflyb.jpg
A logo, Eli Wyffindorfer is one of my aliases. (I made it in photoshop the otherday, and then decided hey it might look nice in monochromatic blue.) method = darkBlue (makes grey scale then icreases blue by 1.4) ~Lindsay REMOVED

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