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Announcements-Fall 2005

7 December 2005

END OF TERM SURVEY! Please complete the end of term survey on WebCT. Each completed survey question is worth 1 point each on your final exam grade! There are six questions, that's a total of six points added to your final exam score. Since the final is worth 25%, that's actually 1.5% on your FINAL course grade. Kinda worthwhile... Mark Guzdial

25 November 2005

The Course/Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS) will be available to all
students starting on Monday, November 28 through Sunday, December 18. PLEASE DO PARTICIPATE!

14 November 2005

3 November 2005

I won't be at my office hours for the full time tomorrow (Friday). One of my students, Allison Tew, is taking her oral qualifying examination tomorrow 2-4 pm, so I'll be leaving around 1:45.

25 October 2005

If you are interested in TAing for CS1315 or CS1316, you can apply (so that you can
be in the system) at You can only access that from an on-campus lab (not Resnet, not Greek houses).

21 October 2005

I won't be holding office hours on Thursday, October 27. I'm teaching CS1315 from 12-1:30 to fill in for a missing professor.

13 October 2005

Quiz 2 grades are posted.

10 October 2005

I won't be holding office hours this Thursday the 13th of October. I have to teach the class "Educational Technology" in Physics for someone else that day and time.

Prentice-Hall would like to get some quotes ("testimonials" they say) from students who have taken CS1315, to use in their promotional materials. If you are interested/willing, please contact I have given them some quotes from the research studies, but they say that anonymous quotes will be considered "made up" by the publisher. We live in a cynical age... Thanks for considering it!

28 Sept 2005

Obviously, I won't be at office hours Thursday or Friday sorry! I expect to have email access, though, so feel free to ask questions here and via email! Mark Guzdial

1 Sept. 2005

When Mark holds his Thursday/Friday office hours, they're here: Uploaded Image: 2ndfloor-sc-qtr.jpg

Second floor Student Center, just outside the Computer Cluster (Room 228), convenient to everywhere on campus! Take advantage of this FREE offer today! Office hours are included in your basic CS1316 package! :-)

19 August 2005

We will have recitation the first week, in IC117.

17 August 2005

Welcome to CS1316


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