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This class is going to rock :)

Don't forget to watch the GATECH (8) v. UNC (4) basketball game Wednesday night, 7pm, on ESPN. And if you don't like or care about Tech sports, then I don't like you.

Class Pictures-Spring 2005 are now available for you to put your name on!

JAVA-SOURCES FIXED! Download the again from Course notes and other materials and use that instead of the one from the CD.

REMOVEDged HW due dates: HW1 pushed back until following Monday, others shifting in response. See Syllabus

The MUCH BETTER Class Pictures-Spring 2005 are now posted.

More on Announcements and on Comments on Week of 10 Jan 2005

WE'VE BEEN MOVED! Lecture is now in 117 Instructional Center. See you there Wednesday at 11 am!
Which is a LOCKED ROOM! Now find us in 115 Instructional Center. Mark Guzdial

We're now always in 115 IC.
(Yes, pre-quiz coming out Monday.)

if there was a videogame about your life it would be like the oregon trail except you would start with no money and have no job and just stay at home...and then you would name all of your companions after your most hated enemies, and drive them across the coutnry at a grueling pace on meager rations until they all died of cholera. Come to think of it, I think I missed most of the educational value of this game as a kid.


Yeah I remember making an effort to kill off of the members of my party > all different ways (snake bites, drowning, famine, disease, etc....) Man that was FUN!!!

My office hours will be 11-12 Tuesdays and Thursdays in the CoC commons area or email me to set up an appointment. Student24

Homework 1 has been graded and grades are available on WebCT Student24

Yay, I'm going to be a TA for this class soon! #4

Who would win in a fight?

Beans and Cornbread had yet another fight.

Who would win in a fight?

Beans and Cornbread had yet another fight.
HW2 grades are up on WebCT. If your grade is not posted yet check your email. Student24

HW2 grades are up on WebCT. If your grade is not posted yet check your email. Student24

My office hours are Wednesday and Friday from 12-1 in the CoC commons. #4

All grades for HW2 are now posted Student24
All grades for HW3 are now posted. #4
My office hours for thursday are cancelled due to illness. Sorry about the late notice. Student24

All grades for HW4 are now posted. If your grade isn't posted, check your email. #4
Check out Homework tips to avoid losing points due to simple things on homeworks. #4

can we not submit HW5 anymore on webct?
You can – WebCT now agrees that it's due Wed.

It's up! PreQuiz for 4March2005 Quiz

Ooooooh!! THIS is how you change it!!!!!! I am SO excited.
Please visit Comments on Week of 7 March 2005 and give us feedback!

Happy Birthday to Erin! (re:

Thanks, Patricia and Maria, for sharing your movies in Gallery HW6: Animation with sound-Sp05!
HW5 grades are up on WebCT. Student24

More movies now up at Gallery HW6: Animation with sound-Sp05
Adult Swim coming to GT Friday April 1st! Check it out:

Grades for HW6 are now posted. If your grade isn't posted, check your email. #4
Happy spring break!

Want to be a TA?!? (see Announcements)
It's really fun!! Go for it!! - anonymous ;)
No office hours for me Friday – see Comments on Week of 28 March 2005Mark Guzdial

So why do they call it hyper text? — Too much JAVA.

C'mon guys, that was a joke. Is no one going to say ANYTHING?!
Tee, hee

Ha ha.

This is funny: Get Perpendicular

Do make it to class Friday, please! There may be a surprise (don't know yet for sure, but if so, you'll want to be there for it). Mark Guzdial

Here is a much better description of the use of stacks to perform RPN calculations like in HP calculators than the one I gave in class Student24
I am considering holding office hours saturday (4/16) from 11am-1pm. If you come you must have started the assignment and have specific questions for me. If you are interested, send me an email. #4

Don't Panic! See Comments on Week of 11 April 2005 and give your feedback, please!
I'll be in my office TSRB 341 and available Monday morning 10am until class time. Mark Guzdial
Jonny's office hours and recitation (3pm section) are cancelled on Monday April 18th. Mine will still be held, at 4pm the same day in the same room. #4

Sorry for cancelling recitation today. I ended up on the alternate list for jury duty and had to report to court at the worst possible time of the semester. However I managed to get it postponed, and office hours for Tuesday and Thursday will be held as scheduled. Again I apologize for any inconvenience. Student24
save Arrested Development and sign the oath on the far right of the page.

any predictions on how many students will come to lecture on monday?
oh, Ill be there but I don't think I'm turning in hw9
Ill be there too.....YAY! BTW: you should do HW 9 its not as bad as the last one –Tessa
I think HW9 is hard.
I agree.
No Recitations tonight! Mark Guzdial
For those upset about cancelling of recitation I will hold extra office hours during the 4 pm session in the recitation room Student24

Thanks for being there for us, Jonny!! :)

OK, here is how to run your huge java program. At the command line instead of typing "\>java programname",
type "\>java -mx128m programname" That increses the maximum ammount of memory available to java from 16megs to 128. If you have more ram you can make that bigger. Good Luck! Student44
My office hours for today, Tuesday, are cancelled. Email me if you would like to schedule an appointment. Student24

Come to class Friday! Last class! Pick up your papers to study from! Final Exam Review!
Please visit!

TA's do you think you would like to hold a final review session on Sun night or maybe Mon before the final???
just wondering, no pressure......I know you are both very busy too! :)

what is this weird feeling? it's an eager anticipation for this summer and a tinge of sadness that this school year is practically over...

Does anyone have their homework grades from the last few homeworks...? :-(

Everyone should have their grades for all the homeworks except 8 and 9. We apologize for the delays, but the last two homeworks were very involved and will be difficult to grade. I will hold extra office hours Monday at 10:30-12 in the CoC commons for those with final review questions Student24
Homework 8 is now graded. #4
I have another appointment this morning directly before and may be a little late if it runs over, but I will be having office hours at 10:30 Student24

Jonny, Sebastian, and I are grading finals tomorrow (Wednesday), and Jonny plans to have HW9 graded by Wed. night, so expect your grades on Thursday. I will put final exam grades in WebCT when they're ready. Mark Guzdial

Final exam grades now up in WebCT. Final FINAL grades still coming...
All homeworks should be graded at this point. If you are missing a grade or have questions about any of your homework grades email me ASAP Student24
In my rush to get HW9 graded in under 4 hours, I forgot to look for the extra credit. We're working on resolving this ASAP, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Student24
I have regraded HW9 for everyone within a third of a percentage point of the cutoff line for final grades and applyed the extra credit if you completed it Student24

I am really going to miss this was FUN!!!:) I hope everyone did well and has a GREAT summer! Good luck to those taking classes! -tessa


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