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Announcements-Spring 2005

29 April 2005

We are just about half-way through the survey period for Spring
semester. The course/instructor opinion surveys are available for students
at Students log on using their gt
account information (the same log on and password as they use for getting
their GT email). Surveys are open until 11:59pm on Sunday, May 8th; and
they are available 24/7 with short breaks (5-10 minutes) for backups a
couple of nights a week. If your students have any problems with the
system, please tell them to email with "CIOS help" in
the subject line. Thanks.

20 April 2005

Looking for a Summer job?

I need to produce a Solutions Manual for the CS1315 text Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python: A Multimedia Approach. I'd like to hire someone to generate the answers, for pay ($8/hour for up to 15 hours a week). If you're interested, please contact me Mark Guzdial. Thanks!

These are always great! Mark Guzdial

CS4480 Digital Video Special Effects
Final Video Screening
That's in CoC Building Room 16
Date/Day: April 28, 2005, Thursday
Time: 2pm

Following Ten videos (shorts) and their "making-of" will be presented by the

01 Making a DVFX Movie (REMOVED, Swistun, Wilson)
02 C.R.U.N.K. (Cho, Kline, Ordonez)
03 P'Biscuit (Agarwal, Luedtke, Siddeeq, Thatcher)
04 Team America (LeRoy, Delgado, Seekely)
05 Super Goalie A Number 1 (Choi, Knowles, Shaffer)
06 PhotoBook (Lee, Noga, Villanueva)
07 The Swarm (Del Gaudio, Syfert, Taylor)
08 ACME Commercial (Halpin, Jones, White)
09 The Revenge of Shaolin Panda (Dahlstrom, Loupas, Yan)
10 Puzzling Behavior (Balderston, Garbino, Verma)

18 April 2005

PreQuiz for 20April2005 Quiz is now posted. I've also uploaded repaired Queue code and PPT where I get head and tail straight... Mark Guzdial

Jonny's recitation is cancelled on Monday April 18th. Mine will still be held, at 4pm the same day in the same room. #4

"The Incredible Technology behind the making of 'The Incredibles'"

Wayne Wooten (GA Tech and GVU Alum, CoC Ph.D., 1998)
Pixar Animation Studios

2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Thursday, April 21, 2005
CCB 16

Pixar has developed some of the world's most advanced techniques for generating computer animated feature films, recently receiving two Oscars for, "The Incredibles." In this talk, I plan to discuss the rendering research and development that occurs at Pixar and the techniques behind the feature film production process. My talk will touch on a number of topics that students should master in order to be attractive candidates for the feature film industry. Sequences from Pixar's latest film, "The Incredibles" will be used as a case study for presenting the various pieces of technology required to create the final product.

Wayne Wooten works in the RenderMan Tools group at Pixar Animation Studios. He works as a member of the research and development team at Pixar to develop new rendering software for use on animated feature films. His film credits include a "A Bug's Life," "Toy Story 2," "Monster's Inc." and "Finding Nemo." Wayne's recent film credit is for "The Incredibles," where he helped develop new rendering techniques for many effects in the film. Wayne currently works for Pixar in Seattle and is busy developing new rendering techniques for Pixar's next movie "Cars."

Wayne received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998. His graduate research at the Animation Lab involved generating motion for computer animated human athletes by using control systems in combination with physically realistic dynamic simulation.

15 April 2005

Thursday, April 21
GVU Special Presentation
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Will be announced, but in TSRB building (above Moe's)
Speaker: Wayne Wooten (Alumni), PIXAR – former Georgia Tech Ph.D. student
Title: The Technology of the Incredibles

12 April 2005

Have you had problems getting onto the Undergraduate TA application? If you have, please go see Becky Wilson ( in the College of Computing building. She'll make sure that you get your application in.

11 April 2005

Registration is starting.

31 March 2005

I am now pencilled for teaching two of CS1315, CS1316, or CS1371 in the Oxford Study Abroad Program in Summer 2006. If you know someone who's interested in taking these and is consider a Study Abroad experience, please mention this opportunity to them! Mark Guzdial

29 March 2005

We Are Hiring!

Undergraduate TAs for Summer and Fall 2005

The College of Computing is accepting applications for undergraduate students to serve as teaching assistants for these Summer 2005 courses:

CS 1315, CS 1322, CS 1371, CS 2200, CS 2335, CS 2340

We are also accepting applications for these Fall 2005 courses:

CS 1315, CS 1316, CS 1321, CS 1322, CS 1371, CS 2110, CS 2200, CS 2335, CS 2340

Ideal candidates will be: SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, or SENIORS in good academic standing who have an A or B in the course for which you want to TA.

Info Session: Monday, March 28 – 6PM, CoC 17
Application Deadline: Thursday, April 7 – 9AM

For additional information and to apply online, go to:
NOTE! This URL will only work from University campus buildings right now – not Greek society houses, not Resnet, not dorms. You have to use it from a cluster, like at the Library or Student Center.

28 March 2005

PreQuiz for 30March2005 Quiz is now available!

7 March 2005

As many of you know, last year the College of Computing hosted a Town Hall for the
students to come and express their opinions and concerns about the College. Many
positive action points came out of last year's meeting. So, we're doing the
same thing again this year:

March 10th
6:30 pm
rm 16 CCB
free pizza
all CS and CM undergrads invited

6 March 2005

Mark Guzdial's office hours have changed – no more Mon 10-11 that no one attends, and adding Tuesday 1-2 in Student Center.

3 March 2005

The College of Computing will be hiring undergraduate "helpers," like teaching assistants, for the summer workshops that we hold each year for high school teachers learning to teach computer science and CS AP (see We're looking for responsible students familiar with the content of CS1315 and with Java (Why, that sounds like CS1316 students!) who will be good at working with the high school teachers (e.g., articulate, friendly, patient). If you are interested, please contact Assistant Dean Maureen Biggers at

Dates of workshops:
June 28 - July 1st
July 5-8 and 12-15
July 18-22.

24 Feb 2005

I have modified the HW5 due date to be next WEDNESDAY (March 1), not next MONDAY (Feb 28). I've also moved Quiz 2 to Friday (March 4). See the Syllabus Mark Guzdial

9 Feb 2005

2 Feb 2005

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