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Class Schedule-Fall 2008

Below is the tentative schedule for this course. Due dates are colored red,
holidays and friendly reminders are blue and examinations are orange.
If you have any question please email dawn [dot] finney [at] gatech [dot] edu

Week 1

Monday August 18th - Introduction to CS1316, overview of topics covered this semester, general course policies
Wednesday August 20th - Basic introduction to java, Object Oriented Programming
Friday August 22rd - Pictures
Sunday August 24th

Week 2

Monday August 25th - Pictures, introduction to Turtles
Wednesday August 27th - Turtles
Friday August 29th - Turtles

Week 3

Monday September 1st - Official School Holiday
Wednesday September 3rd - Turtles and introduction to Soundss
Friday September 5th - Sounds

Week 4

Monday September 8th - Introduction to music and linked list data structures
Wednesday September 10th - REMOVEDked list data structure applications, more music
Friday September 12th - More on linked lists

Week 5

Monday September 15th - Binary trees and n-ary trees, recursion
Wednesday September 17th - Binary trees and n-ary trees, recursion
Friday September 19th - Exam 1

Week 6

Monday September 22st - User input, File I/O
Wednesday September 24rd - File I/O
Friday September 26th - File I/O, Progress report grades due

Week 7

Monday September 29th - Interfaces, abstract classes, advanced inheritance
Wednesday October 1st - Intro to GUIs, good object oriented design
Friday October 3rd - GUIs and ActionListeners

Week 8

Monday October 6th - GUI
Wednesday October 8th - More GUIs
Friday October 10th - Intro to simulations, analyzing real world and fictional systems Drop Day

Week 9

Monday October 13th - Student Recess
Wednesday October 15th - Probability and randomness in simulations, Math.random and the Random class
Friday October 17th - Stacks and Queues

Week 10

Monday October 20th - Stacks and Queues
Wednesday October 22nd - Representing class relationships: UML class diagrams
Friday October 24th - Exam 2

Week 11

Monday October 27th - Continuous simulations
Wednesday October 29th - Continuous simulations
Friday October 31th - Continuous simulations

Week 12

Monday November 3rd - Continuous simulations
Wednesday November 5th - Continuous simulations
Friday November 7th - Continuous simulations

Week 13

Monday November 10th - State machines
Wednesday November 12th - DES
Friday November 14th - DES

Week 14

Monday November 17th - DES
Wednesday November 19th - DES
Friday November 21th - Exam 3

Week 15

Monday November 24th - DES
Wednesday November 26th - Wrapping up simulations
Friday November 28th - Official School Holiday

Week 16 - Dead Week

Monday December 1st -
Wednesday December 3rd -
Friday December 5th -

Week 17 - Final Exam Week

Wednesday December 10th - Final Exam 2:50 - 5:40pm

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