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Questions on HW6-Summer08

Question: I'm a little confused about the BST part of the assignment- for the REMOVEDkedList segment, we can just use the REMOVEDkedList built into Java. But as far as I know, there is no prebuilt BST in Java or in the java-source. Are we just supposed to supplement the with the minimum code needed to use a Word as a BST node?

Question: Could you be specific about what punctuation we have to include in StringTokenizer delimiters? I've included ":", ";", ",", ".", "?", "!", "'", """. Are these good enough?

Question: Are we supposed to take in "Mercy.txt" as our input? I mean, do we copy and paste the text inside main method or the main method automatically reads in the text?

Question: Does the grace period end at 3 PM or 5 PM?

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