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Comments on Week of 11 April 2005

What's on your mind?

No more Jes or Python, please!

Really? That's interesting – you really prefer Java that much that you don't like Python anymore? That's really intriguing! What do you like better about Java? Mark Guzdial

Iím usually the one to post anonymous comments promoting Java but I didnít post that one.

I selfishly would like to cover the following topics that have nothing to do with the topics covered this far in the class:

A: taking in files and parsing them (for data analysis)
B: Java to access web pages or making programs to automate tasks
C: Or even learning about using java and databases or XML
D: Higher level software engineering with Java
E: anything on the 1322 syllabus

How are folks doing with HW8? Mark Guzdial

I took CS 1315 in Fall 2003. So, I'd rather not focus on Jes or Python, because I don't remember all their specific details.

Please please please. I'm begging you! Could hw9 be due during Dead Week? Maybe Monday or Wednesday? I have three papers, three exams, and 4 mandatory meetings next week. I'm sure other students are just as busy. Next week I will simple not have the adequate time to devote to such a big CS assignment. Please consider Dead Week.

I am QUITE willing! I'm thinking that we should move HW8 to be due Monday, and HW9 to be due Monday of Dead Week. Are people game for that? Mark Guzdial

My plan is to spend as much as necessary (all?) of today addressing your HW questions. Please bring printouts or laptops with code to talk about your issues. Thanks! Mark Guzdial

Mark Guzdial, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homework assignment due dates now changed! Mark Guzdial

Me too, thank you!

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