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Contact Info-Summer 2008

TA Office Hours

Finding someone to answer your questions has never been easier!

IMAGE function cannot find the upload.Student912Instructor david.smith[at]cc.gatech.edudms489 Click
External ImageMark GuzdialPrevious Instructor
Course Designer
 guzdial[at]cc.gatech.edumjguzdial Click
katieLong.jpgStudent1086Head TACSgtg324x[at]mail.gatech.educstaKatie  
External ImageRicardo CorralesTAISyEricardo.c[at]gatech.eduSeraph0912  
External ImageDawn Finneyformer Head TACS & EnvEdawn [dot] finney [at] gatech [dot] eduthelatterhalfdawnshanti (skype)
dawnfinney[at] (google talk)

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