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Pairs Page-Spring 2008

For HW6, HW7, and HW8, you are to work in pairs. You must also complete and turn in a CS1316 Pair-Programming Agreement-Spring08.pdf.

Please list below the names of yourself and your pair and the name of your grading TAs, e.g.

Fred Flintstone (Joel) and Barney Rubble (Brian) - Team Bedrock Bowling

If you change pairs, please update this page. If you do not list you and partner's name on this page, your homework will not be graded!

If you cannot find a partner use the request page to find one. Student1036

0. Fred Flintstone (Joel) and Barney Rubble (Brian) - Team Bedrock Bowling
1. Yogi Bear (Dawn) and Boo Boo Bear (Brian) - Team Jellystone
2. Thomas Ambrose(Daniel) and Troy Zhang(Brian) - That's What She Said
3. Hannah Clement (Daniel) and Debrorah Peak (Victoria) - Team Banana & Peanut Butter Pancakes
4. Jennifer LaPerre (Daniel) and Kristen Vila (Victoria)
5. Nikita Patel (Victoria) and Fransisca Wijaya (Victoria)
6. Avadhi Dhruv(Tyler) and Swathi Narayanaswamy(Brian)
7. Ian Craig(John) and Crystal Serrano(Victoria)
8. Ali Rizvi(Sean) and Blake Coram(John)
9. Tyler Salvucci(Brian) and Susan Curry(John)
10. Tomas Carbini (Sean) and Luis Willis (Ricardo)
11. Ryann Kopacka (Tyler) and Jing Li (Ricardo) - Team Queue up in Herr
12. Min Cui (John) and Fei Hoai Lee (Brian) - Team Penguins
13. Rachel Turner(Brian) and Caroline Ferreira(Daniel)
14. Maria Espinoza (Daniel) and Christian Marulanda (Victoria)
15. Semon Akbashev (Daniel) and Arpit Patel (Victoria)
16. Hak Kim(Daniel) and Joon Lee(Daniel) - Team good luck
17. Darren(Brian) and Soundarya Kedarnath(Tyler)
18. Susy Chaquio (Joel) and Maria Curtis (Daniel) - Team Awesome
19. KC Young (Victoria) and Mary Beth King (John)
20. Candis Pham (Joel) and JoAnn Yao (Sean)
21. Sarah Watson (Sean) and Christine Dunphy (John) - Team Picante
22. Cory German (Joel) and John Carroll (Sean) - Team TX
23. Alison Jordan (Tyler) and Mike Lawson (Daniel)- Team we hate the word int
24. Caroline Kloster(Daniel) and Akira Matsuzawa(Victoria) and Sidik Abubakari(Sean)
25. Jordan Stone (Victoria) and Brandon Lee (Joel) - Team TeenageMutantNinja extends Turtle
26. Tim Wilson (Ricardo) and Abhi Sharma (Victoria)
27. Jamie Chen (Tyler) and Jung Byun (Daniel)
28. Taylor Dalton (Daniel) and Julia Kannapell (Joel)
29. Matthew Oatts (Victoria) and Matt Wood (Victoria)
30. Luke Venable (Sean) and Jesse Kent (Daniel)- Team RamRod!
31. Jacob Paul (Ricardo) and Leo Capalleja (Daniel) - Team Name
32. KiBum Kim (John) and David Liss (Daniel)
33. Audrey Bloomer (John) and Tessa Hilterbrandt (Daniel)
34. Dane Kalejta (Tyler) and Elizabeth Brandon (Sean)
35. Francisco Mata (Victoria) and Nnamdi Okafor (Ricardo)
36. Sheng-Bo Zhu (Daniel) and Rohan Zacharia (Sean)
37. Mohsin Lakhani(John) and Anis Charania(Tyler)
38. Andrew Songer (Victoria) and Jeffrey Kugele (Tyler)
39. Tony Parambil (Joel) and Rohan Thakur (Brian)- Team One Night in Browntown
40. Jonathan Chilian (John M.) and Alex Paquette (Ricardo C.) - Team Anti-CS
41. Arume Choi(John M.) and Jue Hou(John M.)-
42. Matt Sheffield (Victoria) and Nathaniel Parker (Brian)
43. Roger Kinkead (Tyler) and Olen Ashe (Sean)
44. Nik Reddy (Ricardo) and Lauren Barnes (Daniel)
45. James Watkins(Brian) and Dan Zimlich(Brian)
46. Emily Odioso (Brian) and Joe Brown (John)
47. Nupur Patel (Ricardo) and Pritesh Patel (Ricardo)
48. Aditya Singhal (Victoria) and Mehul Rajesh Seth (Sean)
49. John Wood (Brian) and Daniel Chen (John)
50. Omar REMOVED (Ricardo) and Charles Kirby (Joel) - Team Ferrari
51. Jeremy Ku (John) and Todd Brock (John)
52. Troy Griffith (Tyler) and Mahmud Yadudu (Brian)
53. Paul McCrory (Brian) and Michael Kemp (Tyler)
54. Carlos A. D'Almeida (Joel) and Mohit Verma (Sean)
55. Anthony Carminati (John) and Sohail S Budhwani (Sean)
56. Joel Feyereisen (Daniel) and Katie Kienitz (John) - Team GAMES
57. Ali Wallick(Sean) and Tracy Welch(Ricardo) - Team TAW
58. Jason Ko (Tyler) and Prannoyjit Banerjee (Joel) - Team PHX
59. Nadav Perl (Joel) and Cody Stanley (Brian)- Team Gladiators
60. Joon Park (Joel) and Hyunah Lee (Tyler)
61. Rachel Ferretti (Tyler) and Eric Crawshaw (Tyler)
62. Myrsini Mamoli (Sean) and Marcelo Bernal (Sean)
63. Shapri Generette (John) and Karmelia Elliot (Joel)
64. John Knocke (John) and Justin Hill (John)
65. Suzannah Yates (Brian) and Kelsey Ritter (Joel)
66. Anthony Strickland (Ricardo) and Josh Toole (Sean)
67. Hollis Harris(Joel) and Shane Rope (Ricardo)
68. John Cox (Daniel) and Jewell Roberts (Victoria)
69. Stephen Glover (Tyler) and Tom Hazzard (Joel)- Team Gashouse Gorillas

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