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What are you confused about? (0128)-Spring 2008

Not enough help in explaining Java as a whole; we seem to memorize how to start classes and never understand the theory behind it.

The textbook might be useful if we had any idea where the topics covered in class were in the textbook.

There's asking questions via IM? Where!?!?

My TA never emailed me back.

How do you refer to a function from a different class? for example setpenColor ( in this example I wouldn't know to add "." in between color and blue.

I think things that aren't really needed for quizzes/hw/ and/or test have much more than needed time spent on them

Can there also be a review session?

How long will the quiz be? Will it be difficult?

We should post all activities done in class in the T-Square.

The basics are a little shaky.

I want to pass.

I haven't understood very well the use of the following: double, this, it, super, bale

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